Open House + Free workout with Tribalistic

Feb 17, 2018



Make this year’s riding STRONGER and SMARTER!!


Over the past few seasons, first at Woodcock Cycle and now at PureLifestyle, we’ve built up a great community of indoor riders from variousclubs.  Each week features a challenging and progressive bike workoutto help us gain strength and endurance, followed by a core strength / injuryprevention routine to our bodies happy, and it all happens in a greatatmosphere to preserve our sanity until the snow melts!


ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH , we want to share this workout with others and offera bit of extra bike knowledge after the ride to help make cycling safer andeasier.


Theworkout and clinic will be open to all, and there is no fee beingcharged.  

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 It's not just a sport,
it's a lifestyle.